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Medicare Audit Lawyer

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are the government agencies tasked with regulating and overseeing Medicare and Medi-Cal in California. Either agency can conduct an audit and investigation into a healthcare business, triggered by a random draw or intentional selection after suspected wrongdoing or errors. If your healthcare business or you as an individual practitioner are being targeted by an audit or investigation for your use of Medicare or Medi-Cal benefits and programs, you must take the situation seriously, as uncovered errors could lead to severe consequences.

Failing an audit for Medicare or Medi-Cal use could result in:

  • Steep fines per violation
  • Revocation of healthcare licenses
  • Additional investigation or audit
  • Professional reputation damage

An investigation or audit that discovers potentially criminal activity or violations can lead to an entirely new list of concerns, including more fines and possible prison time. The best approach to the situation is to know what to anticipate and how to react. Law Offices of Art Kalantar and our Beverly Hills healthcare lawyers are well-versed in what is expected of healthcare groups, companies, and professionals during Medicare and Medi-Cal audits. Call 310-773-0001 to retain our services and learn how we can assist you before, during, and after audits.

Preparing for Audits & Investigations – 310-773-0001

The CMS and HHS will appreciate and award those who are thoroughly prepared for an audit, even when there is no reason to expect one. Whether you have been targeted by an audit or not, our legal professionals can help you get everything in order. By the time either department contacts you, there should be no surprises, which increases your chance of avoiding complications and potential consequences of an audit failure.

Allow our Beverly Hills Medicare and Medi-Cal lawyers help you by:

  • Reviewing your business records for items of note.
  • Compiling articles the CMS or HHS will want to see.
  • Preparing responses to common inquiries.
  • Building a defense in case the audit becomes an investigation.

From start to finish, you can lean on our team to be your legal guide through a Medicare or Medi-Cal audit or investigation. We are forward-thinking professionals with an extensive background in business-related litigation and government relations. With our experience and insight, you can rest knowing that your healthcare practice is in good hands.

Tell us all about your case by contacting us online or setting up a free initial consultation.

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