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California Healthcare Lawyer for Home Healthcare Fraud Defense

Home health is an especially sensitive area of medicine. Regulators and lawmakers view home healthcare as an area rife with fraud and abuse. Home healthcare often involves the care of the elderly or others who may be vulnerable to predatory healthcare fraud schemes. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and other state and federal agencies have made a concerted effort to crack down on the proliferation of fraud and abuse in the home healthcare industry. If your healthcare organization is facing an investigation for possible home healthcare fraud, you need to act quickly to preserve your license, your reputation, and even your freedom.

Accomplished Home Health Fraud Defense Lawyer With Two Decades of Healthcare Law Experience

The healthcare fraud defense attorney at the Law Offices of Art Kalantar has nearly twenty years of experience representing healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes with fraud and abuse defense, internal investigations, license defense, criminal and regulatory investigations, and a wide range of other legal and regulatory challenges. We represent hospitals, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other medical professionals, defending them against healthcare fraud charges and investigations.

Our California home healthcare fraud law firm has significant experience in the myriad laws, regulations, and agencies involved in the provision of home health services. If you are facing allegations of home healthcare fraud, or if you discover conduct meriting an internal investigation, the Law Offices of Art Kalantar is ready to help you protect your license, your business, and your future.

Defending Your Practice Against Home Healthcare Fraud Allegations

Home healthcare fraud is typically prosecuted under the False Claims Act. Under the False Claims Act, it is unlawful to fraudulently bill federal or state health insurance programs for medically unnecessary services or services that were not provided, as well as to receive unlawful kickbacks in violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law. Home healthcare fraud comes in many forms, but it generally involves:

  • Billing for home health services that were never provided
  • Falsely certifying that a patient is home-bound
  • Charging Medicare or Medi-Cal for medically unnecessary services
  • Paying for referrals or recruitment in violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law

The penalties for the commission of home healthcare fraud are severe. Defendants can face restitution and fines, expulsion from Medicare/Medicaid programs, license sanction or revocation, and even criminal charges. If you find yourself the target or potential target of a home healthcare fraud investigation, call a knowledgeable healthcare fraud defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Zealous Advocacy and Skilled Representation for Home Health Fraud Defense

Home health is a sensitive practice triggering complex issues of healthcare law. It’s easy to run afoul of a law or regulation and find yourself the target of a home health fraud investigation. To protect your business and, potentially, your freedom, speak with a trusted home healthcare lawyer. Your license, your practice, and your liberty may be at stake. The Law Offices of Art Kalantar and our home healthcare fraud defense lawyer are ready to provide you with skilled, effective legal advice and representation for your healthcare law matters in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

Call 310-773-0001 at any time to request a free case evaluation with the Law Offices of Art Kalantar in Beverly Hills.

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