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Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Attorney Serving Los Angeles And Throughout California

Los Angeles Healthcare Lawyer Managing Regulatory Compliance for California Healthcare Entities

Healthcare professionals face some of the most onerous and complex regulations of any field of business. In addition to all of the rules and regulations that come with business management, business purchase and sale, labor law compliance, etc., healthcare entities are subject to a myriad of state and federal regulations concerning the provision of medical services and the management of medical professionals.

At the Law Offices of Art Kalantar, our regulatory healthcare compliance attorney has extensive background with intricate legalities and complicated investigations, and we know how to deal with the veritable alphabet soup of state and federal agencies to which healthcare professionals are subject. We have years of experience dealing with oversight and regulations established by California state law as well as federal Medicare, DEA, FDA, HIPAA and other regulatory issues.

Information Privacy and Security

Our Los Angeles healthcare law attorney can help ensure that your data management practices are compliant with the applicable privacy regulations. In addition to HIPAA, which is already a colossal challenge to navigate safely, we will help ensure that you comply with data security regulations promulgated by the FTC and develop and maintain appropriate systems to maintain efficiency while still protecting patient information.

We can help you develop appropriate HIPAA manuals and corporate policies, establish HIPAA training, and establish risk management procedures with qualified IT professionals, among other healthcare privacy issues.

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

We have years of experience navigating issues relating to anti-kickback, fee-splitting, Stark and state law self-referral prohibitions. Do not risk exposing yourself to regulatory and potential criminal liability by failing to ensure that you have appropriate and effective policies in place to root out and prevent these violations.


We understand the pressure placed on the governing boards of hospitals and healthcare systems. The laws and regulations are constantly changing, not to mention that running a healthcare system can already feel like managing a small metropolis. Our California healthcare business lawyer can help you establish your entity and draft appropriate bylaws to avoid running afoul of regulations pertaining to business entity governance. For established entities, we are prepared to leverage our business expertise to ensure your directors, managers, trustees and other boards satisfy their obligations related to fiduciary duty and governance.

Medi-Cal and Medicare

We have years of experience fielding inquiries from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). We can help you adjust your business plans and policies to stay in compliance with the ever-changing state regulations and respond to state agencies in the event of an audit. We can help you conduct internal investigations relating to any alleged or suspected fraud or abuse. We will work to ensure that you remain effective and efficient while still protecting your license and your reputation from any disruption.

State Regulation

Our dedicated Beverly Hills, California, healthcare law practice has detailed knowledge of California’s various healthcare regulations and medical regulatory bodies, as well as how they interact and intersect with applicable federal regulation. Whether you have an investigation involving the CMS, HHS, California Medical Board, California Board of Pharmacy, or another issue of California law such as the corporate practice of medicine, the Knox-Keene Act, or whistleblower allegations, we are prepared to help you evaluate your policies and procedures for appropriate compliance and defend you should the need arise. We are intimately familiar with California’s healthcare laws and can help ensure that you remain in compliance without forfeiting all profitability.

Avoid Complications & Move Forward with Confidence

As an entrepreneur dealing with the management of a healthcare business, you are undoubtedly pressed for time most days. Our Los Angeles healthcare law office will do everything we can to ensure your policies comply with applicable laws and regulations, letting you focus on other matters while we hammer through the details and mull through the paperwork on your behalf. When we work on evaluating your corporate policies or managing a compliance audit, we always act as if we are representing ourselves, considering all ways to reduce your liability, minimize your cost, and maximize your efficiency in the process.

Healthcare Regulatory Compliance in Los Angeles and Beyond

For help with healthcare regulatory compliance in Los Angeles and California statewide, call the Law Offices of Art Kalantar in Beverly Hills at 310-773-0001 for a free consultation.

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