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Healthcare Fraud Defense Attorney

The rules and regulations surrounding healthcare businesses and professionals of the industry are varied, many, and complicated. While attempting to adhere to all of them, it is possible that an honest, hard-working, and highly-focused company could still make a mistake. When this happens, others may cry foul and accuse the business or executive of fraud or abuse.

Law Offices of Art Kalantar and our license defense lawyers can be retained to protect you and your company from allegations of fraud and abuse. We have an unparalleled understanding of healthcare laws and how they pertain to the healthcare industry. Using our knowledge and experience, we may be able to prove that the accusations against you are based on misunderstandings, harmless errors, exaggerations of the truth, or outright fabrications built by a competitor or peer for their own gain.

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Forms of Fraud & Abuse

If you intend to defend yourself from allegations of fraud and abuse, you will need to understand the roots of the accusations. Otherwise, you will remain on the back-foot in your case. Our healthcare lawyers – headquartered in Beverly Hills but serving clients throughout the state and country – give you the power to stand up to the accusers, explain your side of the story, and remain steadfast, no matter the opposition. When the situation cannot be defused in negotiations or mediation, we are primed and ready to stand up for you in court.

Basic forms of fraud or abuse that may be included in the accusations are:

  • Unnecessary care: Healthcare professionals may prescribe or recommend an unnecessary procedure or medication to receive a kickback from other medical providers or groups. Redundant or abundant care could be interpreted as trying to game the system, and may contribute to rising healthcare costs.
  • Money laundering: A commonly cited form of fraud or system abuse is money laundering. Healthcare company executives that transfer funds into private accounts, or make unwarranted transfers, could be accused of laundering money.
  • Nepotism: Healthcare professionals often need to refer to entirely separate entities, clinics, or businesses when treating or working with a patient. Consistently referring patients to businesses owned by friends, family members, or colleagues could be interpreted as a form of nepotism or system abuse.

Careful Approach Delivered by a Professional

After being accused of fraud or system abuse, you must tread deliberately, as your reputation and business could be in jeopardy. Even when you are confident that the accusations are unfounded, the rest of the world will need to be convinced. Turn to Law Offices of Art Kalantar and our healthcare lawyers for all the trusted and uncompromising legal representation and guidance you need.

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