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Healthcare Corporate And Transactional Law Attorney

Healthcare is, like any other profession, a business. Whether you are an entrepreneur working to build up a new practice or an established hospital or surgery center with thousands of patients, your entity needs to ensure that it conducts the business side of things efficiently, legally, and in a way that minimizes cost. Due to the nature of the healthcare profession, medical professionals face much more regulation and scrutiny than other types of business entities. It is essential to have an experienced transactional law attorney on your side, making sure that you conduct your business both effectively and in accordance with the myriad laws and regulations affecting healthcare providers.

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A corporate and transactional healthcare lawyer at the Law Offices of Art Kalantar in Beverly Hills is prepared to offer guidance, counseling, and advocacy where needed. Our practice is focused on healthcare cases and healthcare business transactions, providing us years of experience dealing with the intricacies of healthcare law and the business relationships associated with the practice of medicine. We are prepared to aid with all aspects of healthcare business establishment and management, from business planning and entity formation, to transacting deals with contractors and insurance companies, to securing loans and structuring capital markets and transactions, to entity formation and dissolution, and everything in between.

Our California Lawyers Can Help With a Variety of Healthcare Business Transactions

Healthcare law is a narrow, specialized field. Even a lawyer who is generally experienced in transactional law but with only limited experience in some facets of healthcare law may not have the requisite knowledge to appropriately handle the various types of business transactions that arise in the healthcare field while keeping in mind the various applicable healthcare regulations and laws that can affect the transaction.

A Beverly Hills corporate healthcare lawyer at the Law Offices of Art Kalantar has the knowledge and skills necessary to advise on and advocate for clients with regard to all aspects of a healthcare professional’s business operation, including:

Each of these types of business arrangements requires an analysis not only of the business side of things, i.e., profit and loss considerations, but also requires an understanding of healthcare laws and regulations such as professional licensing requirements, Stark and other anti-fraud laws, FDA rules and guidance, federal HIPAA rules, and California state laws concerning patient rights, privacy, labor, and treatment disclosure.

For example, the purchase and sale of medical equipment, devices, and products may trigger FDA regulations, HIPAA rules, anti-kickback laws, and industry guidance, in addition to the normal laws and considerations present in a typical transaction for other businesses. A seasoned Los Angeles County healthcare attorney can help you navigate these difficult waters while keeping your business professional, legal, and profitable.

Making Your California Healthcare Business Transactions Our Focus

Healthcare professionals around the state know that they can turn to our California healthcare corporate and transactional law attorneys with the most intricate and high-stakes of business transactions and negotiations. Discover for yourself why we are a trusted name in negotiation, deal structuring, compliance analysis, and minimizing cost by contacting us today to schedule a free consultation. You will find that we are on your side and take your transaction seriously, from the beginning to the end.

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